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Warframe: Buzlok, It’s Coming For You [thequickdraw]

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Warframe: Buzlok, It's Coming For You [thequickdraw] Warframe: Buzlok, It's Coming For You [thequickdraw] Today on the Warframe Quickdraw, we review the furiously phallic Buzlok!

Warframe Prime Time – Episode 42

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DERebecca and [DE]Megan gear up with the PS4 for some console gameplay! It's Back-To-School for our hosts as DERebecca faces today's special Corrupted Mods alerts while [DE]Megan chats...

Warframe Atterax

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The Atterax in Warframe is a Grineer Whip with high critical chance and damage. ⇧ Update 14.7.4 Watch Live at - Follow at - http://tw...

Warframe Sheev (New OP Weapon?) Can Opener lol

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The Sheev is a unique dagger, Soo Slooow Get Cheap Cheap Pc Games: Social Media ✉ FACEBOOK - https://...

[WarFrame] – Update 14.5! With OBERON REWORK, GLAXION, NUKOR and the KRONEN! – CRYOTIC FRONT!

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Warframe Buzlok Pro Builds 4 Forma Update 14.7.0 Warframe Buzlok, The New Grineer Rifle from Update 14.7.0 that has homing capabilities. It's a lot of fun and you can definitely get really creative with it'...

Warframe Ash (14.6.1)

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Ash is a fast, maneuverable Warframe that possesses a high rate of survivability and looks awesome! Let me know what you think of Ash Get Cheap Cheap Pc Game...

Warframe Operation Gate Crash

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Update 14.7 Watch Live at - Follow at -

Warframe Vlog: Buzlok, Atterax, and Sheev

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Buzlok: MUST HAVE! Atterax: New Valkyr Hysteria weap? Sheev: Meh..

Warframe Atterax Update 14.7.0

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Warframe Atterax, the new Grineer Whip release in update 14.7.0. This weapon is a very high damage crit weapon that also offers great status and is definitely worth picking up! Live Stream:...

Warframe Prime Time – Episode 43

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DERebecca and DEMegan aren't letting Vay Hek intimidate them in Prime Time episode 43! Suited with the newest Tenno Reinforcements, they teamed up to stop the Grineer from destroying the...

Warframe (Update 14) First Look Mirage

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Warframe Operation Gate Crash Update 14.7.0 Warframe Operation Gate Crash is the New event that's going on from now until Wednesday, September 24 at 12 PM EDT. I talk about the event and explain what you need t...

Warframe Ash Stealth Pro Builds Update 13.2.2

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Warframe Update 14.7.0 - First look at Atterax, Buzlok & Operation Gate Crash OPERATION GATE CRASH A message from The Lotus: Tenno, We have reviewed Baro Ki' Teer's Archwing Datamass, much of it is corrupt ...

Warframe – Rancio Gaming Xbox One en Español – GOTH

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Warframe - Rancio Gaming Xbox One en Español - GOTH Si te gusto dale like y suscribete! :D Enterate de todos los videos primero en:

Warframe Excalibur Radial Blind

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Update: Can be done with 1 forma on excal prime Radial Blind emits a bright flash of light, blinding all enemies in Range. So I added 3 forma and made it an endgame...

Warframe: Prime Access Teaser

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Gilded Chaos Awaits Coming Soon - Gain instant access to the newest Warframe Prime Gear with Prime Access.

[WarFrame] – Update 14.5! With OBERON REWORK, GLAXION, NUKOR and the KRONEN! – CRYOTIC FRONT!

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Warframe Torid Pro Builds 4 Forma Update 14.6.1 Warframe Torid, the Infested Grenade launcher got a buff recently from update 14.5.2, It seems like a very powerful AOE status weapon now and is very fun to use! Live...

Warframe Update 13.5.0 Edo Armor & Nami Solo

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Warframe Lanka Pro Builds 4 Forma update 14.6.1 Warframe Lanka, A Corpus Sniper Rifle that got a buff recently from the 14.2.0 patch. I discuss these changes and show off some awesome gameplay, aswell as how to bes...

Warframe All Builds (updated)

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Updating a few builds in Warframe because many videos are outdated and a few have not been covered yet. 00:52 - Ash 01:32 - Banshee missed - Ember Prime - ht...

[WarFrame] – Update 14.5! With OBERON REWORK, GLAXION, NUKOR and the KRONEN! – CRYOTIC FRONT!

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Warframe - Update 14.6.0: Harkonar Armor Set Harkonar Armor Set: This prototype Grineer Exo-Armor was destined to be worn by Grineer generals until i...

Warframe – Update 14: The Mad Cephalon

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Warframe. El género de los juegos gratuitos evoluciona con unos increíbles gráficos, una refinada mecánica de juego y una excelente calidad de producción. Lo...

Warframe Latron Wraith Pro Builds 3 Forma Update 14.5

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Warframe Ogris Pro Builds 6 Forma update 14.5.2 Warframe Ogris, a Grineer Rocket Launcher that is a great weapon dispatching a large group of enemies, especially for defense missions, like orokin derelict defense o...

Warframe Latron Wraith

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The Latron Wraith is a semi-auto rifle awarded in the Cryotic Front event in Warframe. Update 14.5.2 Watch Live at - Follow at -

Warframe Update 13.5.0 Edo Armor & Nami Solo

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[WarFrame] - Update 14.5! With OBERON REWORK, GLAXION, NUKOR and the KRONEN! - CRYOTIC FRONT! thecolin, Crackle2012, BlatantFool and I take on the new Cryotic Front challenge map on the new Ice Tileset! I am pretty...

Warframe Debunked: Void Elemental Builds

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Warframe Debunked: Void Elemental Builds Special thanks to Ergaster55! I wouldn't have investigated it further if you didn't ask about it! Looks like the interwebs are at it again! The...

Warframe Latron Wraith Pro Builds 3 Forma Update 14.5

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Warframe - Archwing update 15 trailer Taken straight from the Gamescon livestream, quality's a little fuzzy because of that. Tried to cut out the audience as much as possible to keep the footage ...

Warframe – Archwing Gameplay Demo

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From Warframe Devstream 36 on 9/5/14, a live demo of the upcoming Archwing mode. This isn't my stuff of course, all of it is from the livestream. As a side note, sorry for the occasional...

Warframe – Fähigkeiten der Tenno-Anzüge im Trailer-Zusammenschnitt

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Warframe - Fähigkeiten der Tenno-Anzüge im Trailer-Zusammenschnitt Games + Cards günstiger bei MMOGA: Für dieses Video haben wir die offiziellen Trailer zu den einzelnen Tenno...

Warframe – Xbox One Community Introduction

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Our Dojo is growing and we couldn't be happier. Welcome to the family, new Tenno! Here's how to join our Warframe Community! Learn about updates, find support, get the latest news, see...

Warframe Oberon Buff Pro Builds 1 Forma Update 14.5

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Warframe Oberon got a buff recently from update 14.5, I go over these changes and also show off my new updated builds Live Stream: Facebook: https://www.facebook....

Warframe Behind the Scenes @ Tenno Live: Gamescom 2014

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You saw the Livestream but what happened before and after TennoLive? Check out a behind the scenes look at everything that went into our biggest Devstream and community event yet! Can't wait...

Warframe Xbox One Gameplay (First 15 Minutes of Warframe)

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Warframe Gameplay, Tips and Tricks, Easter Eggs, How To and Guides coming to this channel. Subscribe to keep up to date on everything...

Gaming News 03/09: Samsung Gear VR, NBALive 15, Warframe, Watch Dogs, The Evil Within y Project Cars

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Warframe on Xbox One

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They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun – Masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more. The...

Warframe – Обзор –

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Warframe - Обзор - Вепрь Праим - Мой Билд Warframe - Обзо&...

Warframe: Xbox One gameplay

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We play the first mission of Warframe. More coverage at

Warframe – Xbox One Launch Trailer

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Check out Warframe now launching on the Xbox One. Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - Gameplay & Guides -

Warframe Launch Trailer (Xbox One)

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Warframe Nukor Pro Builds 3 Forma Update 14.5

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Warframe Nukor, The new Grineer Secondary that fires High Frequency Microwaves that cook your enemies from within! Live Stream: Facebook:

¡SOY EL GUERRERO OSCURO DE LA FURIA! (ง’̀-‘́)ง | Warframe Xbox One

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¡SOY EL GUERRERO OSCURO DE LA FURIA! (ง'̀-'́)ง | Warframe Xbox One Bienvenido a un Nuevo Video! ¡Si te gusto no olvides dejar tu like! ¡ATENCIÓN! Todas las tra...

Warframe Available Now On X1 Minecraft Coming Soon

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I talk about Warframe finally arriving on the Xbox one, a new PS4 firmware update that doesn't involve Share Play, and Minecraft will arrive on the Xbox One soon. Apply to Fullscreen! Get...

Warframe – Xbox One Launch Trailer (EN) [HD+]

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Warframe - Xbox One Launch Trailer. The fastest growing F2P game hits Xbox One on Sept 2! Visit to register and play. Miss no video, then Click here to Subscribe ▻...

Warframe – 230 Waves of Endless defense (Grineer) by Tenn Os

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XeqtR explains in-depth of how you can do high waves of Grineer defense. For those wondering at wave 231 it would have been enemy level 3995 Link to the for...

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