Warframe 11.5 ♠ Stug

A Breakdown of the New Secondary Napalm Launcher the Stug. Click here to have a text sent to your phone every time I upload a vid:…




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  • PeoplesChoiceGaming 11 months ago

    Mike, whats the best secondary weapon at current time in your opinion?

  • ArkathorBot 11 months ago

    How bad of an idea is it to add a forma so I can put a pistol ammo mutation
    mod and maybe something else like magnum force?

  • Chrysalis Ω 11 months ago

    I love this cum lobber

  • albert275 11 months ago

    That weapon is awesome and very funny. Its very efficient against Alm
    ennemies (or you build correctly) and the two attacks mods make it ammo
    efficient in Alm situations. TOP 3 secondary weapon imo. 

  • Kurt's Purple 11 months ago

    shoulda gone corrosive and radiation on greneers for those heavy rocket

  • Morgan Ruiz 11 months ago

    This gun I swear

  • Logan Crawford 11 months ago

    Sold stug after I levelled it up to 30….but seeing this vid makes want to
    rebuy the wep xD

  • BestXD97 11 months ago

    My friends gave a very unique nickname.
    “Explosive Cum Shot”

  • Edward Richtofen 11 months ago

    I looked through all of your secondary weapons video and realized you never
    used Magnum Force at all since it came out. Can you please tell me why,
    because isnt it the same with Heavy Caliber which you always use, only for

  • KenRhee79 11 months ago

    Whoa whoa whoa. Whenever I use the Stug, the AoE on it is none existent.
    And when I shot it on the ground, it never even hurt me. >_< 

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